We Are Artists is a song used in Brendon's movie Le Artists in the season three episode, Stowaway.

Lyrics Edit

  • All: Ohhhhh
  • Brendon: We Are Artists!
  • Jason and Melissa: Yes We Are!
  • Brendon: Doodley-Do!
  • Jason and Melissa: Yes We Are!
  • All: Watch us paint and sculpt and write
  • Brendon: We're so creative we just might sit in cafes and drink cappuccinos
  • Melissa: Philosophize and swat mosquitoes
  • Jason: Wait around and eat burritos
  • Brendon: To be an artist sure is neat-o
  • All: We are artists and we're blessed, by, Zeus!
  • Brendon: Cut! Print!
  • Jason: Uh, Brendon, for the millionth time, you can't print video.

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