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February 24, 2002

Synopsis Edit

Andrew, Linda and Brendon start attending therapy in order to fix their dysfunctional relationship.

Plot Edit

Andrew convinces Brendon and Linda to go to a therapy to get help for their problems. During the first session, Brendon shows the therapist his new film and the therapist opts that Brendon is the cause of the dysfunction because of his frustration on his father remarrying. Brendon then asks for advise on if truly the source from his mother Paula and Coach McGuirk, but neither were any help. The next session, Brendon acts passive aggressive towards Linda and the therapist suggests that all of them acts more calmly towards the people around them. This technique further adds to their hostility and makes them more agitated, so they decided to cancel their future sessions with the therapist.



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References, Notes & TriviaEdit

  • When Brendon is laying in the sandbox next to his mom, he mentions that he has gone "Insane in the Membrane", a reference to a song title by Cypress Hill.

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Class Trip

DVD ReleasesEdit

This episode was released on the season two DVD set on May 31, 2005.

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