The Heart Smashers

Heart smashers screenshot

January 25, 2004

Synopsis Edit

Brendon breaks up his friendship with Fenton, Paula breaks up with her boyfriend and Coach McGuirk breaks his chests.

Plot Edit

Brendon tries to break up his friendship with Fenton after he ruins Brendon's latest movie, "Septopus" because he realized that he was overbearing while they were filming the movie. Paula unsuccessfully tries to break up with her boyfriend Simon, despite several attempts. After putting the "Pec-Flexor" up too high, Coach McGuirk blows out his pecs and has to wear a bra. Brendon ultimately makes up with Fenton, realizing that he cannot act without his annoyance.



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References, Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Fenton was fighting a Septopus on a handheld video game system, Joy Boy. Joy Boy is a spoof of the Nintendo handheld console, Game Boy.

Movies Within The ShowEdit

Previous EpisodeEdit

Bye, Bye Greasy

Next EpisodeEdit

Everybody's Entitled to My Opinion

DVD ReleasesEdit

This episode was released on the season four DVD set on May 16, 2006.

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