Complimentsong screenshot

The Compliments Song is a song featured in Starboy & The Captain of Outer Space in the season two episode History.

Lyrics Edit

  • Captain: Your lemonade, sir.
  • Starboy: Hey, thanks a hundred, Cap'm. Mmm, yes, good stuff there.
  • Captain: Hey, wait a minute, how'd you get me to get you lemonade?
  • Starboy: Ha, well... I’m glad you asked about that thing, Cause what I’d like to do is sing, A song about getting people to do stuff for you, By using Compliments, even if they ain’t true, cause… You look like you’ve lost some weight, now lick my hands and paint that crate!
  • Captain: Ok!
  • Starboy: I got you!
  • Captain: Oh…
  • Starboy: See, now you try!
  • Captain: Alright! You look great, in that shirt, Now help me hem my brand new skirt (Starboy: Okay!) You have very nice, cheek bones Now help me cosign this bank loan
  • Starboy: Cause a compliment will get you far even if it’s just a lie!
  • Captain: Cause your skin’s as soft as buttermilk now help me paint my thigh
  • Both: Cause you gotta compliment, because it’s not complicated, If you want some lemonade you gotta start manipulating, We wish it was different but that’s the way it seems to be, Cause you need to compliment because that’s what people need!

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