The Birthday Song is a song featured in the season two episode, The Party.

Lyrics Edit

Oh Birthday is a dodelitty doo A ding dong dodelitty dodelitty ding dong do A birthday birthday How do you do? Open presents, cake is too

A good thing to have on a birthday day Is ice cream and presents coming your way Cause presents are good to open up Hope there's something good inside for me! It's a birthday time of year for you Happy birthday dodelitty doo Birthday is a good good time Eat up the chocolate cake all night

Lollipops sweettooth got it on your face Put on the birthday time of year! Ice cream's cold if you eat it fast A birthday dodlittly birthday doo Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Woo! Woo! Birthday! Doodlittly ding A doodlittly doo birthday It's a birthday! Woo! Birthday birthday birthday birthday birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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