The Ballad of King Arthur & Robin Hood is a song used in the season three episode, Renaissance.

Lyrics Edit

Many Years Ago In the ancient times of England On a fateful day Where the fairies played And the devil crept in the shadows Two men did meet In a forest by the brook And that day would change the fate Of these two very famous men

King-Arthur-And-Robin-Hood They met and stared in silence into each other's souls Two-Legends-And-Yet-They-Stood Their egos couldn't gage if they were friends or they were foes They could have killed each other Ah-ah-ah-ah

But what's this? The king speaks: I decree before all of England that I, King Arthur, and Robin Hood, from this point on shall be best friends forever!

Robin Hood crossed the line Stole Arthur's concubine from him The friendship is finished And it has diminished Into deception And so they must fight the fight Until the death to prove who's right And they will battle through the night

But stop, and wait, and look to the skies A dragon, approaches and there's death in his eyes Best to join forces, and fight the best You better join forces or you'll both be deceased

And, so, the dragon has been slain And now King Arthur and Robin Hood must decide If they still want to do what they were going to do And fight to the death! Well what's it gonna be...WOO

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