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Party Animal embracing strange ideas.
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Stephanie is Paula's old college friend. She first appeared in Law and Boarder, where she visited Brendon after he was sent to the hospital after being hit by a car. In the episode she starts having problems with her husband, Richard, and stays in Paula's home for a while. She appears again in the episode The Wedding, where she becomes attracted to Coach McGuirk and attempts to have sex with him later. It is hinted in this episode that Stephanie is transsexual. Her next appearance was in Season Three's Coffins and Cradles, where she has created her own religion and goes door to door attempting to recruit members. She knocks on Coach McGuirk's door and ends convincing McGuirk to dress up as a woman for Halloween. However, McGuirk ends up having a heart attack while he is with Stephanie, and ends up at the hospital. Stephanie is distressed that she has sent another man to the hospital, the first being her old college professor.

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