Starboy and the Captain of Outer Space


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Starboy & the Captain of Outer Space is the name of a song and a movie made by Brendon and his friends Jason and Melissa.

Movie Edit

Starboy and his brother Captain of Outer Space are both face with a big challenge where they fight historical figures (George Washington, Picasso and Annie Oakley) and things get even worse when George Washington unleashes his new killing machine who also happens to be Mr. Pants.

Cast Edit

Song Lyrics Edit

Starboy…and the Captain of Outer Space!

They fight the mighty fight in the night

Downing any evil that’s in sight

They're rascally badgers of medium girth.

They're saving the planet and also the Earth

But beware my heroes of the evil down there…

Of Washington, Picasso and Annie Oakley over there

The three of them are evil and evil are all three, but they…

Want To Destroy It! (But they should not be let)

They want to destroy it! (But not allowing them…)

Starboy…and the Captain of Outer Space! (Starboy!)

Gallery Edit

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