School Nurse

School Nurse screenshot

September 30, 2001

Synopsis Edit

Coach McGuirk tries to woo her with unsatisfactory results, Jason thinks he fell in love and Brendon is determines to fake sick, later he gets sick for real later in this episode.

Plot Edit

A new nurse is at school and Coach McGuirk "welcomes her to the neighborhood", Jason falls in love with the new nurse and Brendon does not like the fact that the nurse can tell she can spot fake sickers.



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References, Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The guy that Paula made out with in Method of Acting can be seen in the bar.
  • Paula has said that she was going to call some of her old friends to discuss her life and two episodes later, Law and Boarder, Stephanie who is one of her friends comes over to her house.
  • Nurse Kirkman has indeed looked like the real Jennifer Kirkman at the time the episode aired.

Movies Within The ShowEdit

Previous EpisodeEdit

Life Through a Fisheye Lens

Next EpisodeEdit

Mortgages & Marbles

DVD ReleasesEdit

This episode was released on the season one DVD set on November 16, 2004.

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