Ronald Lynch


Ronald Stevenson Lynch
53 years old
1st Appearance:
Last Appearance:

Ronald Lynch (usualy called Mr. Lynch) (Voiced by Ron Lynch)—is Brendon and Melissa’s teacher who, later in the show, also becomes their interim principal.


He is referred to by two different first names (Ronald and Donald) in the same episode ("Broken Dreams"). He is often at odds with Coach McGuirk, who intensely dislikes Lynch but sometimes befriends him. Lynch is a somewhat pretentious person; he insists on pronouncing "Mexico" meh-hee-co. Lynch would like to believe that he is fluent in Spanish, but makes numerous errors in both grammar and vocabulary, particularly while intoxicated. He is the owner of numerous oddly-named cats. (the cats' names are: Anjelico, Fernilico, Muu-Muu, Señor Twigitsky, and Sanchi-San, as seen the episode "Honkey Magoo"), and once suffered a breakdown when Brendon accidentally let them get out. A subtle, visual running gag in the last season is that he is secretly a cat-themed superhero, inspired from the previous season finale; this joke is usually relayed in the form of a newspaper headline in the background.

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