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January 6, 2002

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Brendon runs for class president, but his connections with Shannon may be his downfall. Meanwhile Coach McGuirk tries out stand-up comedy and Paula gets flowers from her class.

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Brendon decides that he is running for class president against the three-time winner Thurman, with Shannon in support. Brendon wins the class presidential race and sees Thurman injured as he is wearing a cast and holding crutches. Brendon believes that Shannon beat up Thurman and had the ballot rigged, but doesn't act on it. Shannon wrecks havoc at the school by vandalizing and stealing peoples things. Mr. Lynch suggests that Brendon should fire Shannon or he might not get into a decent film school. Brendon decides to step down from office, learning that Shannon didn't rig the vote and Thurman has injured himself. Meanwhile, Coach McGuirk becomes a stand-up comedian at a comedy club called Laugh, Damn It!. Nobody laughs at any of Coach McGuirk jokes and gets booed off stage and then gets drunk and passes out on the beach.



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  • This is the first episode to use flash animation instead of Squigglevision.

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This episode was released on the season two DVD set on May 31, 2005.