Mr. Bojingles Music Emporium

Bojangles music emporiumscreenshot

Music Store
First Appearance

Mr. Bojingles Music Emporium is a music store seen on Home Movies.

Background Edit

Mr. Bojingles Music Emporium was featured in the season three episode, Guitarmageddon where Brendon, Jason and Melissa were looking for instruments for an upcoming movie, then they notice a sign for super cheap guitar, bass and drum rentals and lessons, so they decide to form a band and then they made one song called "Freaky, Outie". Dwayne is also at the store taking guitar lessons. Jimmy Monet and his girlfriend Clarice are at the store as well and Jimmy informs Dwayne about the upcoming guitar competition. Walter and Perry are taking violin lessons at this store, but their instructor is annoyed by the way they play the violin as they made a song called "We Can Do It".

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