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Movie History Mocumentary is one of the movies made by Brendon and his friends Jason and Melissa. It was featured in the season three episode, Storm Warning.

Cast Edit

  • Brendon - Mr. Pielburger (play on Spielburg)/Interviewer (Pat)
  • Melissa - Interviewer/Julie Bob
  • Jason - Stan
  • Coach McGuirk- Brad Badmen/ Jeff Schwartz

Script Edit

1st Scene-

Melissa: Mr. Peelburger

Brendon: Mmmhhh

Melissa: Is it true that this movie is the first installment in what will be a 6 part trilogy?

Brendon: yes, yes it is

Melissa: Huh. Mr. Peelburger

Brendon: Yes

Melissa Did you know that you were going to be making movie history?

Brendon: You know, that's a good question. No one ever knows if they are going to b e making movie history but I wanted to make that I did, so I changed the name of my movie, which was originally entitled "Planet Battles" to "Movie History". So whenever anyone asked my, I could tell them "I'm making Movie History"

Melissa: And you did.

Brendon : And I did.

Melissa: You made a film called movie history

Brendon: Lets just say I made movie history.

2nd Scene-

Brendon (As Interviewer): So Stan, what was it like working on movie history with an all-star cast and an all star director?

Jason: It was actually an amazing experience, one I will never forget and always remember

Brendon: what was it like to work with Julie Bob?

Jason: It was great, which one was she again? I'm kidding

Brendon: *forced laugh* Anything going on between you two that we should know about?

Jason: Well, were having sex

Brendon: That's terrific, are you signed on to do the prequel?

Jason: There's a prequel?

3rd Scene-

Brendon: So Julie, your career has taken quite a turn?

Melissa: OH yeah, lots of turns, and curves too.

Brendon: You now command the highest fee of any actress in the history of actressessing, To what do you tribute your success?

Melissa: They're called boobs, Pat

Brendon and Melissa: *laughing*

Brendon: Now, you weren't Peelburgers first choice as Lucy?

Melissa: No, I wasn't

Brendon: Were you

Melissa: NO, you've done your research

Brendon: Yes I have, they're on these little blue cards

4th Scene-

Brendon: So Brad/Jeff, you get killed 40 seconds into the movie, did that bother you?

Coach McGuirk: No. Well, I mean, everyone wants to be in a movie for more than 40 seconds, but when you think about their short attention spans, today 40 seconds is a long time.

5th Scene

Brendon (As Pielburger): Being a director isn't about just yelling "Action, or "Cut". Sometimes I yell " Good morning" or "Good night", depending on the time of day.

6th Scene

Brendon: So when "Movie History" opened the biggest box office draw in movie history, we knew we had made movie history with "Movie History". And now, I'd like to say something to all the young director's out there, if you want to make movie history, just make sure you own the camera.

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