Life Through a Fisheye Lens

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September 23, 2001

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Brendon's desire for getting a fish eye lens doesn't go well with Paula's financial problems.

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Brendon is making a new movie about aliens and he believes that the movie cannot work without the fisheye lens. The fisheye lens are expensive and Paula is going through very heavy financial problems, so she is unable to buy the lens for Brendon. While Paula is practicing asking her mother for a loan, Brendon performs a card trick on her and she ends up owing Brendon $20. Brendon then gets a job as a paperboy, but he quits after getting attacked by a dog. He later gets hired by Erik to do other jobs at his real estate, but ends up accidentally shredding all the documents and gets fired. He begins cleaning up in a ice cream stand in an attempt to impress the worker and gets a job, but it fails. Paula ends up getting a loan from her mother and Brendon is very anxious to buy the fisheye lens, but it turns out that the lens doesn't fit on his camera. Meanwhile, Coach McGuirk tells his soccer team that they will be facing his old coach Ralph's team in a upcoming game and also tells them that the only way for them to win the game is by cheating. When the game happens, Ralph doesn't show up and Coach McGuirk explained that he made him up to motivate the team and Melissa reveals that she made a bet with Brendon that Ralph was real and now she owns him $20.



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This episode was released on the season one DVD set on November 16, 2004.