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Le Artists is the movie Brendon and his friends make in Stowaway.

Script Edit

Melissa: Maybe it's time we quit art and get real jobs, no?

Brendon: But we are the finest artist's in Europe.

Jason: Then why can't we pay la rent?

Brendon: Because my friend we haven't sold anything yet.

Melissa: And when will we sell something?

Brendon: First we must create it, no?

Melissa: Course, after inspiration comes of course.

Brendon(as owner of the artists house): Hello you are evicted!

Melissa: Oh no, where will we go?

Brendon(as owner of artists house): You can go to hell for all I care! Now away with you!

Jason: We don't need know apartment.

Melissa: No we don't, we are le artist.

Brendon: Nobody can get us down can they?

Jason and Melissa: Noooo

Jason Melissa and Brendon: Ohhh Ohhhh

(singing)Brendon: We are artists!

(singing)Jason and Melissa: Yes we are!

Singing)Brendon: Doodley Doo

Singing)Jason and Melissa: Yes we are

(Singing)Melissa: We paint and sculpt and write

(singing)Brendon: Were so creative we just might............. sit in cafes and drink Cappachinos

(singing)Melissa: Swat mosquitoes

(singimg)Jason: Eat Burritos

(singing)Brendon: To be an artist sure is neato!

(singing)ALL: Were artists and were blessed by Zeus!

Brendon: Cut and print!!!!!!

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