Improving Your Life Through Improv


August 25, 2002

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Brendon along with Jason, Melissa, Coach McGuirk and the rest are forced to go to a sensitivity seminar for making fun of Junior Addleberg.

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After Brendon makes fun of a foreign student named Junior Addleberg twice, Mr. Lynch sentences him along with the other kids to attend a sensitivity seminar, in which Coach McGuirk accidently crashes. The seminar is hosted by three teenagers who urge the attendees to participate in the improvised sketches about respecting others. The kids feel pandered by the group, until one of the teenagers leaves abruptly which was reveled that he was only part of the group because of a community service sentence. Meanwhile, Paula entered one of Brendon's videos into a television contest and then wins, with Brendon being unaware until the last minute that it was not one of his films, but one of his moms home movies of a infant Brendon wetting himself.



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References, Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Jason had a shish-ka-bob for lunch, just like he did in the season one episode, Method of Acting.
  • When Junior Addleburg was reading the newspaper, one of the stories included in the paper is called "Sick Eddie Cured", it is a referenced to the character Sick Eddie in the season two episode, Dad.
  • This is the only episode to ever show anything about the Addleburg family. Ken has a beautiful wife, another son and two twin daughters. They also have a big screen TV.

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This episode was released on the season three DVD set on November 15, 2005.