Erik Robbins

Erik robbins

Erik Robbins
Real Estate Agent
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Erik Robbins is the single father of Melissa. He works as a real estate agent. He is voiced by Jonathan Katz.


Erik is one of Paula's few close friends, and occasionally hints at being attracted to her. In several episodes he and McGuirk show signs of friendship, such as him helping McGuirk in looking for a new apartment in "Mortgages and Marbles" and reluctantly taking McGuirk with him to his journal-writing class in "Curses." He tells McGuirk that his ex-wife (Melissa's mother) is dead, but then reveals that she ran away with another man, leaving him to look after Melissa himself. When Erik attempts to begin dating again in the fourth season episode "Curses," Melissa objects and moves out. Erik is known for his wise-guy persona and constantly makes inappropriate jokes, which Melissa sees as alternately hilarious and embarrassing. Because of the absence of his wife he has taken on several motherly traits and responsibilities such as doing his daughters hair. Melissa also says he buys wine coolers for the teenagers in town, claiming "they'll just buy it themselves in a few years;" Jason later offers the others wine coolers that Melissa's dad bought him ("Everybody's Entitled to My Opinion").