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15 years old
Leader of the band 'Scäb'
1st Appearance:
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Dwayne is one of the members and the leader of his band Scäb. He is often mumbling to the point of incoherence. Dwayne perfers to let his guitar do the talking. Dwayne seems to have legitimate guitar talent, even at the age of 15. He is also nice enough to make the music for Brendon's movies and he occasionally acts in them. He also comes up with his own ideas for movies, which Brendon resists. In the season one episode Director's Cut, he wrote and starred in a rock opera based on Kafka's The Metamorphosis which Melissa said may be "the best thing we've ever done," and in "Renaissance," he and his band show mastery of advanced pyrotechnics). His voice and guitar playing are both done by Brendon Small.


  • His physical appearance is similar to either Slash (from Guns N' Roses) or Joey Ramone (from Ramones).