Coffins and Cradles

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May 25, 2003

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Linda is pregnant, Brendon's plans for his costume have been ruined, Jason continues to battle an old addiction and Coach McGuirk meets an old friend.

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While getting ready for a Halloween party, Brendon's stepmother gives birth. Coach McGuirk gets a heart attack and is taken to the same hospital where Linda (Brendon's stepmother) is giving birth. Jason goes crazy after eating candy.



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References, Notes & TriviaEdit

  • This episode does not begin with the Home Movies television screen, instead it starts off with a school bus driving past the School.
  • The note on Coach McGuirk's door says "No Candy Go Away!".
  • Paula's shopping bag says "SHOP SHOP SHOP".
  • Coach McGuirk holds a stuffed animal duck when he answers the door and he drops it when he sees Stephanie.
  • Everybody ends up going to Sparky Memorial Hospital.
  • Josie's hair is made to look like 666 for her devil costume.
  • Mr Lynch's costume is a cat and acts like one during the episode, this is due to his love for kittens back in Four's Company, and in Honkey Magoo he even has five cats.
  • Jason's candy plotline started back in The Party.
  • Jason carries a candy bucket with no candy in it and Melissa carries a pig's heads bucket.
  • At the Lamaze Class, there is a sign that says "Breast Feed: It's the Law" and a clock shaped like a baby's head.
  • At the storage room where Melissa slapped Jason, there is a coffin, a human heart, wheelchair and crutches.
  • This is the lost season three episode, meaning this episode did not air after Stowaway like it should've, but aired six months later.
  • This is the last appearence of Andrew and Linda and the only appearence of their kid, as neither of them appear in season four.

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  • The Delivery of Linda's Baby (never finished)

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This episode was released on the season three DVD set on November 15, 2005.