Cho & Amy Lee

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March , 2004

Synopsis Edit

Brendon accidentally scores a goal, which ruins the record of the opposing team's star goalie, Cho. Coach McGuirk remembers his days as a Scotish Highland Dancer as a kid.

Plot Edit

Brendon's newest and accidental goal ruins the goal of the opposing team's star goalie, Cho. Cho moves into revenge to Brendon and Cho's teams choice of music causes Coach McGuirk to remember his childhood.



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References, Notes & TriviaEdit

  • It is revealed in this episode that Melissa likes Cho.
  • Coach McGuirk reveals a big part of his childhood.
  • Brendon's grandfather says that he was a cheerleader, but that was a lie.

Movies Within The ShowEdit

Amy Lee

Previous EpisodeEdit

Those Bitches Tried to Cheat Me

Next EpisodeEdit

Definite Possible Murder

DVD ReleasesEdit

This episode was released on the season four DVD set on May 16, 2006.

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