Broken Dreams

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November 17, 2002

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Melissa breaks her arm and so mysteriously does Jason. Brendon studies for a test and Coach McGuirk becomes a lifeguard.

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While a new movie was being filmed, Jason asks Melissa about the cast she's wearing on her arm. Brendon opts that she's faking about having to wear the cast so she doesn't have to take the upcoming science test. The next day, Jason breaks his arm and show up at school also with a cast on his broken arm, but both Brendon and Melissa claim that Jason is faking his broken arm as well. Brendon begins to have a hard time studying for the science test, so he goes to the library. He ends up falling asleep and does not get any studying done. While leaving the library, he falls and breaks his arm. Melissa and Jason both think he is faking his broken arm and reveal that they have for the whole time. Brendon vehemently denied their claim and shows them his x-ray to prove that he has a broken arm while both Melissa and Jason were actually faking their broken arms the whole time. Meanwhile, Coach McGuirk is hoping to receive money by saving a rich child and he practices to become a lifeguard. His drill sergeant of a teacher puts him through vigorous test until Coach McGuirk realizes that the lifeguard job is not for him and so he quits.



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References, Notes & TriviaEdit

  • This episode reveals Mr. Lynch's first name, "Ronald".
  • The signs at the pool say "Do Not Pee in the Pool" and "Adult Swim 10:00-1:00 No Kids" which is a reference to the Adult Swim Sunday schedule at the time this episode aired.
  • The name of the hospital featured in Brendon's film is called "Pauline LeBlanc Memorial Hospital" and the sign at the hospital say "The Brain Exchange" and the sign on the small slot says "Night Dropoff".
  • The Night Dropoff box may be a reference to the Brain Deposit box in the 1974 film, Young Frankenstein.
  • The Chiquita Banana and Cow tattoos do not appear on Coach McGurk's body like they do in the series premier, Get Away From My Mom.

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This episode was released on the season three DVD set on November 15, 2005.