Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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August 11, 2002

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Paula burns down the kitchen, but Coach McGuirk comes for help and Paula's parents get a divorce.

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Paula's mother, Doris comes to the Small residence to visit and informs Paula that her and Paula's father are being divorced. Brendon visits his grandfathers house and is curious about his development, but learns that he is fine with the divorce and is comfortably sitting around at his house drinking sherry. While cooking dinner, Paula accidently burns down the kitchen and Coach McGurik is hired to repair the kitchen. Coach McGuirk does a mediocre job on the repairs and decides to lay around the house all day, then decides to fleece Brendon's grandfather and when he come to the house, he is lonely and depressed. Meanwhile, Jason, who is feeling left out because his parents are still happy and together unlike Brendon and Melissa, which both of their parents are divorced, so Jason decides to pretend that his parents are arguing and are about to get divorced while he talks to his friends on his phone. However, they did not believe that Jason's parents are having problems, so they convince him to confess that he is lying about it. Paula's parents eventually get back together, until he finally tells Brendon that he can't do the job and then quits.



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References, Notes & TriviaEdit

  • When the fire department came, Brendon's camera, the TV and the phone have all been dragged outside.
  • The opening scene in Brendon's film Innocent But Proven Guilty, the car has a toilet seat for the back wheel and says "We Are Not Cops" on the door.
  • In the freezer, there is a frozen food called Pizza Pizzetes which could be a reference to the pizza place called Pizza Pizzaz in the season two episode, Pizza Club.
  • The movie poster for Scabface in Jason's room is a parody of Scarface.
  • When Paula is refolding her underwear near the end of the episode, there is a quick zoom in of the television which shows a lookalike of Coach McGuirk as a wrestler in an orange mask and a t-shirt over his regular orange clothing reading "el coche del fuego" meaning "the fire car".

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This episode was released on November 15, 2005 on the season three DVD set.