Bazoma screenshot

Bazooka Mama is one of the movies made by Brendon and his friends Jason and Melissa. It was featured in the season three episode, Time to Pay the Price.


  • Brendon - Not Named
  • Melissa - Bazooka Mama
  • Jason - Not Named


Brendon: How long before we can get the chopper?

Jason: 2, maybe 3 days

Brendon: Too long, need it quicker. Do we have the fuel?

Jason: The gasoline?

Brendon: yeah, the gasoline

Jason: its in a safe place

Brendon: Where?

Jason: I, uhh, dug a hole

Brendon: Good. Where'd you steal it from?

Jason: Bazooka Mama, from Quadrant 4

Brendon: Bazooka Mama! She's tough as dingo's. Shell skin us alive if she finds out

Jason: But she wont

  • gun cocks*

Jason: Maybe she will

Melissa: ITs too late boys. Bazooka Mama, that's me, already found out. Now prepare yourselves, I've got a feeling that this might be uncomfortable.

Jason: Isn't there anything we cant do?

Melissa: No there isn't. Its time to pay the price.

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